Friday, June 05, 2009

Today is the era of Internet TV

Yesterday I bought a book titled "How to make your own Internet TV". And I said, WOW! What a great book! The era has come!
Then I searched in internet, about the sites that provide internet tv, and tv channels that I can get over internet. And the results surprised me. There are lot of websites that serve internet tv, with tons of tv channels you can get freely, or payment required. Some of them need you to download their software, so you can enjoy tv show from that apps.

The question is, why internet tv?
The answer is, because most of our job we are doing today needs internet. We work over internet, and today we all can say that internet is a lifestyle.

Let's get back to internet tv. There's a site I think very interesting: Direct TV. Direct TV offers Direct Satelite TV with over 150 channels for only $34.99 per month!
There are lots of features you can get from Direct TV, such as High Definition TV programming, with high quality picture and sound.

So, are we ready to get into the era of Internet TV?

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