Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorite Beach Vacation, and Resort!

I like visiting beach, make any recreation on the beach always makes me feels free. The sands, the water, and the ocean, are the things that make my mind and soul feels better and better.

One of my favorite beach is Bira Beach in South Sulawesi - Indonesia, since it has white sands, and blue ocean, and the fisher sailing on it. Bira Beach is also the best place to enjoy both sunrise in the morning, and sunsets in the evening. The sunsets are great and amazing! Best destination, not only for local tourist, but also international tourists.

People in US might love Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, US. It also one of the best domestic tourist destinations in United States, with over 60 miles of warm and sandy beaches, Myrtle Beach is really the best and most popular vacation for American tourists.

To enjoy your visit, you need to prepare everything, including resort where you are going to stay during vacation. In Myrtle Beach or where ever your destination, you must get the best resort and hotels.

It is so easy to find Resort in Myrtle Beach, you can find it online on internet, or by asking your travel agent. I recomend you to stay at Grande Shores, a Myrtle Beach Resort that gives you everything you need to support your visit to Myrtle Beach.

The best thing you can find on Grande Shores is Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach, where you can view and enjoy the whole ocean area from your room. An amazing offer, right?!

Now, time to enjoy your life at the beach, by visiting the place that I've recomend to you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beli laptop?

Wah, pusing nih. Akhir-akhir ini banyak teman yang menyarankan untuk membeli laptop supaya pekerjaan saya bisa dapat 'dukungan'. Padahal saya sendiri merasa ndak butuh-butuh sekali dengan barang begituan. Soalnya, komputer di kantor sudah ada. Kalau pun balik ke Steam, tempat saya dulu tinggal, di sana juga ada komputerku. Dan biasanya kemana pun saya pergi, selalu saja ada komputer atau laptop teman yang bisa saya pinjam.

Hhh... lagi pula, kalau saya beli laptop, pastinya saya ndak bakal liburan. Saya kan kerjanya selalu saja berhubungan dengan internet dan komputer. Liburan saya berarti berjauhan dengan komputer. Kalau saya beli laptop, maka saya ndak bakalan bisa jauh dari laptop. Susah juga, kan?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Lighting for Your Old Style House

You cannot put lighting factor in a different part on designing your interior. A great lighting and lamps will always be the most important part in designing interior of your room.

We need to choose the right lighting depended on our room types and design, and choose the right color of lamps and lights, and make it matching with the type and color of the room, the wall paint, and decorations.

Right decision making on lamps and lighting for room is always depended on type of our room. We can choose fine art lamps as lighting, to make it matching with the decorations. It is suitable for an old style room and design, with few decorations on the wall and the corner, or may be one or two buffets in another part of rooms.

Sea gull lighting is also suitable for a room with old style in interior design. But, it is more modernist with white color and more minimalistic on lamp design. So, your room will looks like unification between old style and modernist.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Online Learning Era

Many years ago, we learned anything from books, learned everything from teacher/lecturer, and discussed all homework face to face with few friends. But today, the era is about learn everything from everybody, and no need face to face. How to do that? Internet!
There are lots of websites in internet provide facilities for students to learn everything online, and do the homework online. One of them is CS Homework Solution, provided by

On the internet or a website (such as, you can learn not only one topic. But, you can learn many topic, depended on what you want to learn. You can get topic, and find your homeworks there, and have a training how to solve the problem with CS Exam. An find the answers of the questions with CS Textbook Answer.

So, internet helps us! Internet make everything easier. :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Today is the era of Internet TV

Yesterday I bought a book titled "How to make your own Internet TV". And I said, WOW! What a great book! The era has come!
Then I searched in internet, about the sites that provide internet tv, and tv channels that I can get over internet. And the results surprised me. There are lot of websites that serve internet tv, with tons of tv channels you can get freely, or payment required. Some of them need you to download their software, so you can enjoy tv show from that apps.

The question is, why internet tv?
The answer is, because most of our job we are doing today needs internet. We work over internet, and today we all can say that internet is a lifestyle.

Let's get back to internet tv. There's a site I think very interesting: Direct TV. Direct TV offers Direct Satelite TV with over 150 channels for only $34.99 per month!
There are lots of features you can get from Direct TV, such as High Definition TV programming, with high quality picture and sound.

So, are we ready to get into the era of Internet TV?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Way Investment: Gold Investment

Invest your gold now!
You can invest all your stuff and money by being an entrepreneur, making a company, or save it to the bank as deposit. But, it is a good way of investment. But, what if your stuff is gold? How can you invest it, and grow it, and get profit from it?

There is a new way to invest your gold:
You can invest your gold in IRA's. Be an investor in IRA's, and place your gold there. Your gold will be the number 1 investment, for IRA, 401k gold, 403b, and your pension plans, in the era of uncertainly global economic growing.

You can visit gold IRA website, and find out how to put gold in an IRA.
In gold IRA's website, there is a short explanation how to put your gold in an IRA:
Taking possession of your IRA gold is qualified as a distribution. How to avoid penalty and taxes, you need to have your gold stored at a depository through the IRA custodian that provide.
Read more how to invest your gold, gold 401k, IRA gold, by clicking here...

The website, is an online resource for gold coin and gold bullion acquisition, where you can buy and sell your gold online, or make it as investment.