Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Lighting for Your Old Style House

You cannot put lighting factor in a different part on designing your interior. A great lighting and lamps will always be the most important part in designing interior of your room.

We need to choose the right lighting depended on our room types and design, and choose the right color of lamps and lights, and make it matching with the type and color of the room, the wall paint, and decorations.

Right decision making on lamps and lighting for room is always depended on type of our room. We can choose fine art lamps as lighting, to make it matching with the decorations. It is suitable for an old style room and design, with few decorations on the wall and the corner, or may be one or two buffets in another part of rooms.

Sea gull lighting is also suitable for a room with old style in interior design. But, it is more modernist with white color and more minimalistic on lamp design. So, your room will looks like unification between old style and modernist.

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