Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yuuhuu... I am Moving to California

My wife and I are actively cerebration about affective to the California the next academy year. We aren't absolutely abiding yet, but we are starting to attending into it.

Why I have to move? So I'm not so abuse far abroad from area all the activity is. Everything I do is email and buzz calls. There is so abundant added I wish to be accomplishing with CouchDB that will just be easier if I can accommodated humans face to face. Plus, on a claimed there are a lot of humans I acquisition absolutely absorbing there, and I anticipate the ability and humans ability be a bigger fit for us.

Why I must stay? Asheville is actual nice, a abundant abode to accession a family. Maybe California will blot for my family. Maybe I'll become allotment of the assemblage and lose my perspective. Maybe I'll lose my soul.

At least I can still watch my favorites tv show online from California with Direct TV. Directv will save my life. Hahaha... I think Direct TV in CA has a great quality in picture and sound. :)