Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choosing Webhosting Tips

What are you thinking when choosing a web hosting for your website plans? Here are some tips for you on choosing webhosting that suits to your website plan.]

1. Operating system.
Find know what operating system is used by website hosting provider. Mostly, there are 2 operating system that webhosting provider usually used: Linux based, and Windows based. Make sure you choose the right webhosting with operating system that suitable with system you are using for your website (PHP, ASP, or anything)

2. Size, space, and bandwidth transfer limit.
This is the most important thing. You must choose a webhosting that can cover and save all your website data without worrying your web space is overloaded. So, you must check and recheck if that web site hosting provide enough space for your website plan.
Bandwidth transfer is accumulation of size of data has been transferred in and out of your webhosting.
Some webhosting provider provides unlimited space and bandwidth transfer, so you can upload and save data in unlimited number, without worrying fully or overloaded.

3. FTP and Database
FTP (File transfer protocol) is a tool you can use to transfer data from your computer to your webhosting, and from webhosting to your computer. If you plan a website with few administrator who can manage your website, choose webhosting which provide more than one FTP users. So, every admin can have at least one FTP user account to manage the website.
Database is a place for you to save all text and settings data in your webhosting about your website. Some webhosting provider provide unlimited database number.

4. Guarantee.
Does webhosting provider you are choosing gives you guarantee about their products for you?

5. Other service?
Does webhosting provider you are choosing provides you another services, such as fantastico, or another technology for it's clients? Some of those services you may need when managing your website.
Some web hosting provider gives feature, such as Green Web Hosting. You may need it to save earth from global warming.

Choose the right webhosting!


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