Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mailboxes, and where to find

I remembered about an Indonesian movie titled Biarkan Bintang Menari. There was a mailbox in that movie named "Kotak Ajaib" or "Magic Box". Neyna (Ladya Cheryl) is the owner of the box. She uses the box to receive mails from her family and her old friend Grey.

Not just to receive mails, a mailbox, has many functionality for your house decoration, especially for your exterior and front side garden. So, you must choose the best and the most suitable design between the mailbox and your house.

And talking about mailbox design, I want to tell you about mailboxixchange. Mailboxixchange is the leader of an online marketplace for mail boxes and curbside decor. For example, if you want to have a clasical mailbox for your house's mailbox post, you can find many classical mailbox design in mailboxixchange's catalog. Mailboxixchange is a distributor of high quality mailbox with over 2500 mailbox collection, such as classical mailbox, and wall mount mailbox.

And if you want to be a distributor, or having mailboxes for commercial use, you may contact mailboxixchange to get the product.

Have a visit, and choose the right mailbox design for your front house decoration.

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